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Bugeisha Aikido Club


The Brief

Bugeisha Aikido Club, located in Poole, sought our expertise to revamp their outdated website, which was in dire need of modernisation. Having received exorbitant quotes from other developers, the client approached us with a more modest budget, confident that we could deliver exceptional results without breaking the bank.






Web Design

Drawing inspiration from Bugeisha Aikido Club’s brand colours and utilising imagery sourced from their social media pages, we embarked on a redesign journey to breathe new life into their website. Collaborating closely with the client, we curated fresh content and incorporated additional elements to better promote the club and attract new members. Contact forms were integrated to facilitate easier communication, addressing a crucial aspect that was lacking in the previous site. The revamped design exuded professionalism and community spirit, providing visitors with a welcoming and engaging online experience.


Web Development

Throughout the development process, our focus remained on enhancing functionality and user experience. We migrated the website to our hosting platform seamlessly, ensuring no disruptions or downtime during the transition. With meticulous attention to detail, we fine-tuned the site’s layout and structure to optimise performance and accessibility. The addition of contact forms and email setup streamlined communication channels, empowering the club to connect more effectively with its audience.



As part of our comprehensive service package, we implemented essential SEO practices to improve the website’s visibility and search engine rankings. Meta headlines and descriptions were crafted to enhance organic discoverability, while a clear site structure and sitemap were established for better indexing by search engines. Additionally, we integrated Google Analytics to track website performance.



The transformation of Bugeisha Aikido Club’s website exceeded expectations, delivering a fresh and dynamic online platform that resonated with both existing members and potential recruits. Despite working within a constrained budget, our team delivered exceptional value for money, providing a professional yet cost-effective solution tailored to the club’s needs. The seamless migration to our hosting platform, coupled with ongoing SEO enhancements, positions Bugeisha Aikido Club for continued growth and success in the digital realm. The client’s satisfaction and praise for our work reaffirm our commitment to delivering first-class service and results, further solidifying our reputation as a trusted partner in web design and development.

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