Introduction to digital marketing

If your a small business you might not understand what this means. This is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising etc. Basically everything online.
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Whiteski digital services

Digital marketing explained

From top to bottom we can improve every aspect of your business online. The benefit of a full digital marketing solution is that there is not a breakdown in your customer journey, we address every touch point your potential customers have with your business. Our main services include:

  • Website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Google (PPC) & Social Ads (fBOOK)

who we can help

Assisting your business at any stage

We work with both new businesses looking to build their profile up online, to established businesses who are looking for a refresh online. Our approach is always the same, to tell a story about your business and to engage your potential customers across any touch points online, for example using your social media pages. We find a solution that suits you.

How we can help

Services to suit you

We offer a complete service, but often your business may need certain services at different times.

See how we can assist your business:


Build, change, improve all aspects of your website.

Social Media

We help raise your profile across all forms of social media.


We help your business rank highly in search results online.


Creating campaigns across Google (PPC) & social media.

Our promise to you

An approach that suits you

From the beginning we listen and learn from exactly what your business, industry and customers have been doing. Our expertise mean that we know how to get the attention of your customers online.  


Providing bespoke solutions

Our business model was centred around outbound calls. We need a new fresh approach to our business because we were wary that post call our customers were going online to search about who were. Whiteski Digital built a strategy around social media whilst taking care of our website needs.
Fresh Approach
Since incorporating our business back in 2012 we have never paid too much attention to our business online. We recognised this needed to change. Together we built an approach that started with making changes to our website, that then built our message out across social media to great effect.
New start
As a new business we did not know where to start with building a website or creating social pages. Having spoken to a few people we found Whiteski the best because they did everything we required and more. Site built, ranking in Google, interesting posts on social & built our audience to. We see this as a vital arm to our business.
New Business




A new start up

  • Expert service
  • Full Support

From building a website from scratch to creating social media pages and a strategy.


A fresh set of eyes

  • Expert service
  • Full Support

A business who already has a website that just sits online with very little activity or purpose.


A complete overhaul

  • Expert service
  • Full Support

We look at your entire business online looking to make improvements across the board.


Tweaking our approach

  • Expert service
  • Full Support

Everything your business does online is good, you just need to look at a different approach.


A single element

  • Expert service
  • Full Support

You don’t need all digital services looking at, just one, such as a social media strategy.


A little of everything

  • Expert service
  • Full Support

An established business who just needs to tick their service over online & remain visible.

  • 247 support
  • Flexible contract
  • Professional Advice
  • In house service
Why Pro

one service

  • Suits a small business
  • Content creation
  • Manage one element

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Full digital

  • Full Digital Solution
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Management

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Why Pro


  • Require certain elements
  • Flexible budget
  • Monthly strategy

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