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Apex Doma


The Brief

Our partnership with Apex Doma commenced in 2023 when they approached us for assistance with website updates. At the time, the company had a basic website built on Wix, providing valuable information to visitors but lacking the functionality to effectively convert them into inquiries. Recognizing the need for a more conversion-focused online presence, we embarked on a journey to create an entirely new website for Apex Doma.

In September of the same year, we began the process of crafting a brand-new website, choosing WordPress as the platform. This project posed unique design challenges, but in comparison to the old site, it represented a significant upgrade. Collaborating closely with their design team, who crafted page designs using Adobe X, we successfully brought their vision to life. The result was nothing short of extraordinary, with performance metrics matching some of the best outcomes we’ve achieved in our history of website development.






Web Design

Our web design project in 2023 was a pivotal phase in the rebuilding process for Apex Doma’s online presence. The primary objective was to modernize, update, and refresh their website to project a professional and contemporary image that could rival any competitor in their industry. From the outset, we closely collaborated with their in-house design team, who created the initial site designs using Adobe X. Building upon their designs, we developed the website using WordPress as the platform.

This project involved a substantial amount of custom work and custom CSS to ensure the final result met our client’s high standards. In addition to the aesthetics, we were meticulous in addressing the technical aspects of the website. We implemented essential SEO elements such as H tags, meta descriptions, and headlines to optimise the site’s visibility in search engines. Comprehensive tracking mechanisms were also integrated to support their Google Ads campaigns effectively.

Furthermore, the website was fully migrated to WordPress and is now hosted by Whiteski Digital, providing a seamless and secure online environment. The migration process was executed meticulously, following a well-defined plan and in close collaboration with Apex Doma’s team. The design of the website demonstrated the absence of limitations, showcasing what can be achieved when partnering with Whiteski Digital. Our commitment to ongoing web development ensures that Apex Doma’s online presence remains dynamic and adaptable for the foreseeable future.


Web Development

Our web development efforts for Apex Doma went beyond standard website design, incorporating custom features that enhanced user experience. We implemented unique features like hover effects and smooth scrolling to make the website more engaging and interactive.

In addition to these custom features, we seamlessly integrated third-party solutions to optimise the website’s functionality. One such solution was Calendly, which was used to streamline their booking system, making it more convenient for customers to schedule appointments.

We also took a data-driven approach to digital marketing by adding custom tracking codes to all forms on the website. This allowed us to monitor the performance of their advertising campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve ROI.

Upon launching the website, we set up essential tracking tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to gain insights into website traffic, user behaviour, and search performance. These tools provided valuable data that could be leveraged for ongoing improvements.

Looking ahead, we have plans to further enhance the website’s functionality. This includes the integration of conversation app forms and advanced payment systems to provide an even smoother and more efficient user experience. At Whiteski Digital, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to developing and optimising websites to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

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