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Curator Natural Skincare


The Brief

Our journey with Curator Natural Skincare began with a business owner who was eager to revamp their online presence. James, the founder of Curator Natural Skincare, is a dedicated advocate for natural and sustainable beauty products. His passion for crafting skincare products using natural ingredients had been a personal endeavor for years, benefiting friends and family with his creations.

The initial challenge was to transform James’ vision into a tangible digital presence. He had a clear wishlist for the website’s design, drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of three distinct brands, including the elegant and organic feel of the Doir brand. Our mission was to bring this vision to life, and we were determined to execute it flawlessly.

The result was a brand-new WordPress website that seamlessly combined elements from James’ inspiration while maintaining its unique identity. The new website not only reflected the natural and sustainable values of Curator Natural Skincare but also exuded a sense of elegance and authenticity. The project was a resounding success, leaving our client thrilled with the outcome.

Our partnership with Curator Natural Skincare showcases our commitment to understanding our clients’ visions and turning them into reality. We pride ourselves on delivering websites that not only meet their functional needs but also capture the essence and personality of their brand.







When working with our client, their vision for their brand’s aesthetics was crystal clear. They had a specific look and feel in mind, and our task was to translate that vision into a stunning website. The client’s logo and product offerings served as the foundation for the website’s design direction. We embraced their chosen colour palette to create a cohesive and inviting visual experience throughout the website.

The beauty of this project was that we were able to capture the essence of their brand accurately on the first attempt. The aesthetics we developed harmonised seamlessly with the client’s expectations. Upon delivery, very few adjustments were needed, as we had successfully brought their desired professional and warm look and feel to life on the website.

This project underscores our commitment to not only understanding but also embodying our clients’ brand identities. We take pride in our ability to transform their vision into a tangible online presence that aligns with their unique style and resonates with their target audience.


Web Design

In the realm of website design, our approach for this project struck the perfect balance between professionalism, slickness, and trustworthiness. The overall look and feel exuded a sense of premium quality, ensuring that every visitor felt they were engaging with a top-tier brand. This was achieved through a thoughtfully chosen colour scheme and the use of captivating product images, which collectively set the website apart.

We meticulously crafted the user journey to be effortless, providing clear and strategic calls to action that guided users to the products they were seeking. Customisation played a crucial role, particularly in the product pages, where we added an extra layer of sophistication and elegance. Our inspiration came from benchmarking other websites with exceptional user experiences, which we successfully replicated.

To facilitate seamless transactions, we set up Stripe payment integration, complete with the convenience of Apple Pay. The true hallmark of this website lies in its touch of class and sophistication. Additionally, we established a dedicated “Wellbeing” section where the client could regularly add content. This section served as a bridge to CRM campaigns and social media posts.

The most remarkable aspect for our client was that this exceptional website didn’t require a hefty investment. We remained within the budget, offering unparalleled value when compared to other websites. Our commitment to delivering high-quality, affordable solutions is a testament to our dedication to client satisfaction.



Our journey into the realm of e-commerce began with the strategic selection of a payment partner, and we opted for Stripe. This choice not only facilitated swift payments but also integrated seamlessly with Apple Pay and Google Pay, ensuring a convenient and secure shopping experience for users.

The core focus of the website design was to drive sales effectively. User experience (UX) was meticulously crafted to guide visitors to the shopping area and motivate them to make purchases. Our product pages were thoughtfully designed to not only showcase products but also to act as effective sales channels. Trust was a central element in these designs, ensuring that potential customers felt confident in their purchasing decisions.

This e-commerce store was built with ease of use in mind. It provides the client with the flexibility to effortlessly add or remove products, monitor stock levels, and facilitate business growth. By combining user-friendly features with a focus on sales, we created an e-commerce platform that is both efficient and adaptable to the client’s evolving needs.

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