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Deja Vu Cyprus


The Brief

Deja Vu, a reputable second-hand furniture store based in Cyprus, underwent a change in ownership and sought to elevate its brand image and online presence. With previous marketing efforts primarily focused on social media and word of mouth, the new owners recognized the need for a comprehensive website to expand their reach, enhance credibility, and serve as a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers. The goal was to create a user-friendly platform that effectively communicated the essence of the business while encouraging engagement and interaction from potential customers.






Web Design

Our approach to designing the Deja Vu website centered on showcasing the unique character and offerings of the store while facilitating seamless navigation for visitors. The design prioritized clarity and accessibility, with landing pages strategically placed to cater to both buyers and sellers. Emphasis was placed on visual appeal, with the integration of high-quality images showcasing the diverse range of furniture available. The website served as an informative hub, providing essential details about the business’s location, contact information, and services offered.


Web Development

Built on the WordPress platform and hosted by Whiteski, the Deja Vu website benefited from a robust technical foundation that ensured reliability and performance. Key features such as email integration, site security measures, reCAPTCHA, and anti-spam protocols were implemented to safeguard user data and enhance the overall browsing experience. Seamless integration with the store’s Facebook page allowed for automatic updates and synchronization of inventory, expanding the reach and visibility of Deja Vu’s offerings across online platforms.



Recognising the importance of search engine visibility in driving traffic and generating leads, we implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to Deja Vu’s specific goals and target audience. By optimising content and metadata, as well as creating targeted landing pages for furniture sales and house removal services, we ensured prominent visibility in relevant search queries. As a result of our efforts, Deja Vu now ranks within the top three search results for key terms related to furniture sales and house removals in Cyprus, solidifying its position as a premier destination in the local market.


Success and Impact

The launch of the new Deja Vu website has had a transformative impact on the business, serving as a dynamic online hub that drives engagement, fosters connections, and generates tangible results. By effectively leveraging web design, development, and SEO strategies, Whiteski has helped Deja Vu establish a strong digital presence, expand its customer base, and achieve sustained growth in a competitive industry landscape. With a user-friendly interface, seamless functionality, and optimised content, the website continues to serve as a powerful tool for driving business success and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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