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Dr. Sof


The Brief

Dr. Sof, a plastic surgeon based in Cheshire, approached Whiteski Digital with a clear vision—to transform his outdated website into a sleek, professional online platform that reflects his expertise and dedication to his patients. The previous website lacked structure, content, and modern design elements, hindering Dr. Sof’s ability to effectively showcase his services and connect with potential clients.






Web Design

Drawing inspiration from Dr. Sof’s vision and example sites, Whiteski Digital embarked on creating a visually stunning and user-friendly website. With a focus on aesthetics and functionality, we incorporated a stylish colour scheme and high-resolution images throughout the site. The design emphasised clear navigation, compelling storytelling, and engaging visual elements to captivate visitors from the moment they landed on the homepage. Special attention was given to optimising the user journey, ensuring seamless transitions between pages and easy access to essential information.


Web Development

The development phase involved meticulous attention to detail to bring Dr. Sof’s vision to life. Over the course of 10 man-days, our team meticulously crafted over 30 pages of content, each optimised for SEO to improve search engine visibility. We implemented advanced features, including video integration, interactive hover effects, and a user-friendly main menu structure. Additionally, we prioritised functionality and security, integrating features such as easy enquiry forms, SMTP setup, and robust security measures using Wordfence and reCAPTCHA.



For Dr. Sof’s website, our SEO efforts involved a comprehensive overhaul of all pages, focusing on reworking and restructuring content with additional headlines and H tags. We updated all meta descriptions where missing or suboptimal. Content played a pivotal role, with extensive keyword research guiding the creation of richer, more informative pages. Each page saw a significant increase in content depth to boost SEO and enhance user engagement. We also cleaned up the sitemap and ensured indexing in Google Search Console, while setting up Google Analytics for advanced tracking and insights.



Upon completion, Dr. Sof was thrilled with the results—a website that not only met but exceeded his expectations. The new design and structure elevated his brand, positioning him as a leading expert in his field. With enhanced user experience and comprehensive content, the website effectively communicates Dr. Sof’s services, before-and-after transformations, and patient testimonials. The seamless integration of inquiry forms and secure communication channels has streamlined the patient inquiry process, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates. Overall, Dr. Sof’s new website stands as a testament to Whiteski Digital’s commitment to delivering exceptional results and driving tangible success for our clients.

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