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JB Concrete Coating Specialist


The Brief

Our partnership with JB Concrete Coatings began at a critical juncture, where previous web design attempts had not yielded the desired results. The owner was understandably cautious, having invested both time and money into two failed website projects. As the last roll of the dice, our collaboration aimed to rectify the situation and breathe new life into the business’s online presence.

Rather than immediately delving into SEO campaigns, we took a different approach. Our initial consultation led us to the decision to prioritise the design of a visually appealing, sleek, and professional website. This strategy aimed to enhance the company’s online credibility, attract more inquiries, and, crucially, set a strong foundation for future SEO optimisation efforts.

Working within a budget that suited the client, we embarked on the website redesign project. The results were impressive, exceeding expectations and ultimately leading to the achievement of the primary goal: generating more inquiries. It didn’t take long for the first inquiry to materialise, demonstrating the immediate impact of the new website.

Our collaborative journey with JB Concrete Coatings showcases our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that address our clients’ specific needs. By combining our design expertise with strategic planning, we were able to provide JB Concrete Coatings with a website that not only reflects their professionalism but also drives tangible results in the form of increased inquiries and business opportunities.






Web Design

In the realm of web design, our collaboration with JB Concrete Coatings was marked by creativity and precision. To bring their vision to life, we drew inspiration from a couple of websites that resonated with them, carefully crafting a clean and visually appealing online experience.

Our journey began with the development of a comprehensive brand package, incorporating colours derived from their logo to ensure a cohesive and recognisable identity. With their guidance and input, we embarked on the task of copywriting, meticulously crafting content that would effectively convey their services and professionalism.

Every aspect of the website design was carefully considered and executed to exude a high level of professionalism, aligning with JB Concrete Coatings’ brand identity. We strategically structured the pages to showcase their various services, making it easy for potential customers to navigate and understand the range of solutions offered.


Web Development

In addition to the aesthetic and content elements, we implemented user-friendly contact forms to encourage inquiries and engagement from visitors. Our hosting services ensured a seamless online presence, while email integration with their domain and forms streamlined communication.

The success of this web design project was evident from the very beginning, as it garnered its first inquiry within a matter of days. Our collaboration with JB Concrete Coatings exemplifies our commitment to transforming our clients’ visions into engaging and effective online experiences that drive tangible results.



Our approach for JB Concrete Coatings focused on building strong foundations to ensure long-term success. As part of the website design process, we integrated a basic SEO package that covered essential optimisations.

Our journey began with on-page optimisations, where we meticulously fine-tuned each page of the website. This included crafting meta headlines and descriptions, strategically incorporating H tags, and ensuring that all elements were optimised to enhance search engine visibility.

Page loading speed was a crucial aspect of our strategy, and we dedicated effort to optimise it, ensuring that the website loaded quickly and efficiently.

To strengthen our domain authority, we initiated a well-rounded link-building campaign. This involved establishing links on various citation sites and platforms, laying the groundwork for improved search engine rankings and overall online visibility.

Our commitment to solid SEO foundations is driven by the belief that these fundamentals are essential for the success of small and new businesses. By establishing a strong online presence through effective SEO practices, we empower our clients to reach their target audience and achieve lasting results.

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