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Leicester Lives Podcast


The Brief

Leicester Lives, a recently launched podcast in Leicester, garnered attention for its captivating content and strong social media presence. However, the podcast lacked an online platform to showcase its episodes and engage with its audience beyond social media. Recognising the potential to amplify Leicester Lives’ impact, we were entrusted with the task of designing and developing a website that would serve as a central hub for the podcast’s content and community engagement.






Web Design

Given creative freedom by Leicester Lives, we set out to create a visually captivating website that would reflect the essence of the podcast. Drawing inspiration from the podcast’s logo and branding, we opted for a dark background to accentuate the vibrant colours and captivating style. The website was designed to highlight each podcast episode, with easy navigation and access to episodes. Bespoke designs were crafted for each episode, complemented by YouTube links and previews for seamless viewing. Contact forms were integrated to facilitate audience interaction, along with a dedicated section to attract potential sponsors. The incorporation of a custom-designed podcast hero image, featuring the host JB, added a personal touch to the site’s aesthetic, resulting in a visually pristine and engaging finish.


Web Development

Throughout the development phase, our team ensured seamless functionality and user experience across all aspects of the website. From episode navigation to sponsor engagement, every feature was carefully implemented to enhance user interaction. The website was optimised for performance and accessibility, providing visitors with a smooth and intuitive browsing experience. Updates to the logo, site icon, and podcast hero image further enriched the site’s visual appeal, reinforcing Leicester Lives’ brand identity and storytelling prowess.



As part of our standard offering, Leicester Lives received comprehensive SEO support to enhance its online visibility and reach. We meticulously mapped and tagged all pages, ensuring optimal indexing by search engines such as Google. The site was integrated with Google Search Console to monitor performance and track search engine rankings. A clean site structure and sitemap were established, facilitating easier navigation for both users and search engine crawlers. Through strategic SEO implementation, Leicester Lives positioned itself for greater discoverability and audience engagement, further amplifying its impact in the podcasting landscape.



The launch of the new Leicester Lives website was met with high praise from the client, who expressed delight in the visually stunning design and seamless functionality. The website serves as a dynamic platform for sharing podcast episodes, engaging with the audience, and attracting potential sponsors. With ongoing support and updates, Leicester Lives continues to thrive online, reaching new audiences and further solidifying its presence in the podcasting community.

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