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OSK Resin


The Brief

OSK Resin, a new start up in the epoxy industry, sought to establish a commanding online presence reflective of their industry expertise. With a seasoned team at the helm, they entrusted us with crafting a website that would convey trust and professionalism, setting them apart as leaders in their field.






Web Design

Leveraging their logo as a springboard for their brand look and feel, we embarked on a creative journey to design a website that exuded sophistication and confidence. Using WordPress as our canvas, we meticulously curated each element to reflect the essence of their brand. From captivating visuals to seamless navigation, every aspect was meticulously crafted to enhance the user experience.


Web Development

Our development process was characterised by efficiency and precision. Over the course of four days, we brought the design to life, ensuring that every feature functioned seamlessly. Practical tools such as booking forms, contact forms, and WhatsApp chat were seamlessly integrated to facilitate communication and streamline operations.



Recognising the importance of visibility in the competitive online landscape, we implemented a start up SEO strategy. We optimised each page with targeted keywords, reworked meta descriptions, and enhanced content to improve search engine rankings. Furthermore, we ensured that the site structure was conducive to indexing and submitted the sitemap to Google Search Console.



The culmination of our efforts was met with resounding success. OSK Resin now boasts a website that epitomises class and professionalism, garnering praise from both clients and industry peers. With minimal revisions and swift completion, our collaboration has set the stage for continued growth and success in their burgeoning venture. As we monitor SEO performance and explore new opportunities, we look forward to further elevating their online presence and solidifying our partnership.

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