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The Brief is a small business specializing in bespoke jewellery pieces. Prior to having a website, the owner spent considerable time fielding inquiries via social media before finalising sales. Recognising the need for a more efficient online platform to showcase products and streamline transactions, the owner sought to establish a website that would provide detailed product information and facilitate purchases, allowing the business to operate effectively even outside of regular business hours. The website needed to reflect the personal touch of the owner and maintain a connection with potential customers established at events and through word of mouth. Whiteski Digital was entrusted with handling all aspects of the website development process, from choosing a business name and purchasing a domain to setting up email accounts. The resulting website successfully embodies the brand identity of and continues to drive sales while saving time for the owner.






Web Design

Our primary focus was to create a website that embodied the essence of the Sezz brand while offering intuitive navigation and functionality. Working closely with the owner, we developed a personalised design that resonated with her style and personality, ensuring a strong connection with potential customers. The website was crafted to showcase the uniqueness of each jewellery piece, with vivid imagery and detailed descriptions capturing the attention of visitors. We integrated user-friendly features such as easy stock management and one-click purchasing to enhance the shopping experience and drive conversions.


Web Development

In addition to the design aspect, we handled all technical aspects of website development, including domain registration, email setup, and e-commerce functionality. Our team implemented secure payment gateways, including Apple and Google Pay, to facilitate seamless transactions and build trust with customers. The website was optimised for mobile devices, allowing the owner to manage stock and update content on the go, further enhancing flexibility and convenience. Comprehensive training was provided to ensure the owner could efficiently manage the website and maximise its potential for growth.


Success & Impact

Since its launch four years ago, has experienced significant success and growth, thanks to its robust online presence. The website continues to attract customers and generate sales, providing a valuable source of revenue for the business. With its user-friendly interface and seamless functionality, the website has saved time and streamlined operations for the owner, allowing her to focus on creating beautiful jewellery and engaging with customers. serves as a testament to the power of a well-designed and strategically implemented website in driving business success and fostering growth in the digital age.

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