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The Lockdown Pub & Kitchen


The Brief

Our journey with The Lockdown Pub & Kitchen in Runcorn began before its grand opening, where we provided comprehensive support in establishing its online presence. From designing their logo to advising on their name selection, managing social media pages, and running targeted ads, we were deeply involved in every aspect of their digital strategy. Now, after four successful years, the client sought to refresh their website to align with evolving trends and showcase their latest offerings.






Web Design

With a focus on modernisation, we embarked on a website redesign journey that emphasised the bar’s vibrant atmosphere, upcoming events, and diverse entertainment options. We introduced a sleek and contemporary design that not only captivated visitors but also provided easy access to essential information such as event schedules, music performances, and sports fixtures. Leveraging WordPress for flexibility and scalability, we ensured the website reflected the bar’s dynamic identity while offering seamless navigation and functionality.


Web Development

Alongside the design overhaul, we optimised the website for performance and user experience. Our team implemented fast loading times, robust security measures, and streamlined booking systems for added convenience. Through meticulous attention to detail, we ensured that every element of the website, from imagery to content, resonated with the bar’s brand image and engaged visitors effectively. A booking system was also added to allow direct bookings. A calendar system displays all upcoming sporting and music events held at the pub.

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