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WestCross Environmental Services


The Brief

WestCross Environmental Services, are a highly successfully asbestos removal contractor, who since their inception almost five years ago we have supported.

With offices in Leicester and Slough, our support has been a dynamic journey that aligns with their remarkable growth, propelling them from a start-up to a multi-million-pound turnover business. Our collaboration spans various aspects of their online presence, including web design, social media management, SEO, graphic design projects, and overall marketing consultancy.

Additionally, we’ve extended our support to managing other channels like their Checkatrade accounts. Together, we’ve cultivated a thriving partnership that continues to evolve and prosper.






Web Design

The journey of WestCross Environmental Services in web design began over four years ago when they initially used an off-the-shelf website. Fast forward to 2023, and we embarked on a significant redesign project with multiple objectives. Our primary goals were to elevate their brand presence, modernize their online image, and cater to their growing clientele, which included high-profile clients. The existing website was no longer sufficient, necessitating a fresh and professional look.

We undertook a comprehensive overhaul that expanded the site fourfold in size, introducing new pages and a wealth of fresh, engaging content. Functionality was significantly enhanced to facilitate client interactions, including the ability to upload photos of their projects and specify the support they required. A pivotal aspect of this project was migrating the website from HostGator to WordPress, providing us with added flexibility in both design and functionality.

Furthermore, SEO played a vital role in driving this transformation. The new designs and pages were optimised to align with the business’s clear growth trajectory, especially as subsequent phases of work placed a strong emphasis on SEO strategies. The redesign has been a resounding success, and we continue to evolve and refine the website to support WestCross Environmental Services in their ongoing journey of growth and success.


Web Development

In the realm of website development, we made significant enhancements to various facets of WestCross Environmental Services’ online presence. These improvements included the implementation of features that allowed clients to easily upload necessary information. Multiple contact forms and lead magnets were strategically added to enhance user engagement and capture valuable leads.

Continual efforts were dedicated to expanding the website’s portfolio of landing pages, aligning with the client’s SEO initiatives to drive organic growth. A noteworthy addition to the website was the incorporation of a dedicated section for mini case studies, which drew insights from social media posts. These case studies delved into specific details about each project, providing visitors with in-depth insights.

Our support extends beyond web development to encompass ongoing PPC and social ads campaigns. Additionally, we offer comprehensive hosting, monitoring, and website security services to ensure a secure and seamless user experience. For added peace of mind, our client has opted for out-of-hours support in the event of unforeseen outages.

This decision recently proved invaluable when a malware attack occurred. Thanks to our prompt action and vigilance, we averted a potentially catastrophic event that could have resulted in the loss of the entire website, necessitating a complete rebuild from scratch. Our proactive approach to security and support safeguards our client’s digital assets and ensures uninterrupted online functionality.


Digital Marketing

Over the course of the last four years, our comprehensive support has spanned the entire digital marketing spectrum, with a particular focus on SEO. Our strategic approach involves conducting regular technical audits to assess the website’s performance. This encompasses optimizing critical aspects such as page tagging, H tags, meta headlines, and descriptions. We diligently monitor and refine page loading times, consistently achieving impressive results with page speeds consistently under 2 seconds and an A score on GT Metrix.

To fortify our client’s online presence and enhance their search engine rankings, we have undertaken the strategic creation of localized landing pages across various regions in the UK. This tailored approach bolsters their visibility and keyword rankings in targeted areas.

In addition to these efforts, we actively engage in link building activities. This multifaceted approach contributes to an increase in domain authority, a pivotal factor in bolstering on-page rankings and overall search engine performance. Our commitment to providing a holistic SEO strategy ensures that WestCross Environmental Services continues to thrive and expand its digital footprint.


Social Media

Our ongoing support in the realm of social media marketing has been a consistent and transformative element of WestCross Environmental Services’ digital strategy since the inception of our partnership. In the early stages of their journey as a start-up, establishing trust, building awareness, and fostering confidence in potential clients and business associates posed unique challenges. In response, our collaborative approach came to the forefront, working closely with WestCross to create content that showcased their team’s projects, shared technical details, highlighted captivating imagery, and provided valuable industry insights.

This engaging content was then strategically disseminated across various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The impact was profound, resulting in the acquisition of new business opportunities and the cultivation of meaningful relationships. WestCross received positive feedback from stakeholders across the industry, with many commending the quality and relevance of their social media posts.

Key to our approach has been diversity and innovation in content creation. We consistently refreshed the types of posts, focusing on educating the audience about asbestos-related matters and tailoring the content to resonate with their interests and concerns. Our content mix encompassed reviews, job highlights, educational content, trivia, and safety warnings. The ability to adapt and evolve our social media strategy over the past four years has been instrumental in maintaining WestCross Environmental Services’ online relevance and reputation.

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