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Xtreme Polishing Systems UK


The Brief

Our partnership with Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe began as a rescue mission when they encountered issues with their previous website developer and SEO provider. Hailing from a global company with origins in the USA, Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe sought our expertise to address their digital challenges.

One of our initial tasks was to migrate their website from their previous hosting platform to our hosting services. This transition allowed us to take full control of their digital presence and streamline their online operations.

In addition to web hosting, we assumed responsibility for their SEO strategy. Prior to our involvement, the client had experienced subpar results with their previous SEO provider. However, our team quickly turned the tide, achieving remarkable improvements in a short timeframe.

One of the standout achievements during our collaboration was the significant increase in online impressions. Through our strategic SEO efforts, we nearly tripled their online impressions, ensuring their brand received the visibility it deserved in the digital landscape.

Our work with Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe showcases our ability to provide effective solutions when called upon, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and success.

More recently we undertook the challenge of building a brand new e-commerce experience, built to be as prestigious as the company.






Web Design

For Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe, our web design project was aimed at enhancing the overall appearance and user experience of their website. The objective was to maintain a visual consistency with their USA website while infusing it with a distinct personality that suited the UK and European markets.

In previous interactions, we had already implemented updates to align the website with the evolving needs of the business. This project was a continuation of those efforts, with a focus on optimizing the site to better promote their extensive range of products and training services.

The key challenge was to strike the right balance between harmonizing with the USA website’s branding and tailoring the user experience to cater specifically to the UK and European audiences. Our design approach aimed to make the website more engaging, user-friendly, and conducive to product sales and training program bookings.

This project exemplifies our commitment to adapting and evolving digital assets to meet the changing needs of our clients while ensuring that their branding remains coherent across different markets. It showcases our ability to deliver results-driven web design solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each business.


Web Development

The web development aspect of our project for Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe focused on enhancing the overall website experience with the addition of valuable features. One of the key highlights was the creation of a dedicated members’ area, which allowed us to gate off exclusive content for registered users. This feature not only enhanced user engagement but also served as a valuable resource for their training programs and product offerings.

Furthermore, we implemented the capability to accept deposits for their training sessions and product purchases directly through the website. This streamlined the booking and purchasing process, making it more convenient for their customers.

Optimizing the website for SEO performance was another critical aspect of our web development efforts. We worked diligently to ensure that the site was search engine-friendly, lightweight, and performed at its best. Through extensive tuning, testing, and refinement, we achieved outstanding results, ultimately enhancing the site’s visibility and accessibility to its target audience.

This project demonstrates our commitment to providing holistic web development solutions that not only improve the user experience but also empower businesses to expand their online offerings and streamline their processes. Our focus on performance optimization and SEO readiness ensures that the website operates at peak efficiency, attracting more visitors and potential customers.



E-commerce played a pivotal role in the redevelopment of the Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe website. The previous iteration of the site was not optimised for e-commerce, necessitating a comprehensive redesign and overhaul of the commerce section.

One of the primary objectives was to enhance the product pages, providing customers with a seamless and informative shopping experience. To achieve this, we implemented customizations that allowed for the inclusion of data sheets, making it easier for users to access crucial product information. Additionally, we introduced the option for part payments, accommodating a variety of payment preferences.

The integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay further streamlined the checkout process, providing customers with convenient and secure payment options. Across the site, we strategically placed lead magnets to encourage sales, ensuring that potential customers were engaged and motivated to make purchases.

To promote featured products and special offers, we incorporated features that highlighted these items, enhancing their visibility and attracting more attention. Moreover, we optimised the site to handle discounts, offers, and various shipping options, providing flexibility for both the business and its customers.

This comprehensive e-commerce overhaul not only modernized the website but also positioned Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe for greater online success, facilitating smoother transactions and improved customer engagement. Our focus on user experience and functionality enhances the website’s overall appeal and ensures a user-friendly platform for e-commerce operations.



Our journey with Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe began with a clear focus on SEO. The initial state of their SEO efforts was less than ideal, with minimal results and overly complex reports from a previous provider. However, our mission was straightforward: to elevate their rankings in Google and establish a strong online presence.

Our SEO strategy started with a meticulous review of the website’s technical aspects. We conducted thorough tech audits and ensured that all foundational elements were optimised. A significant achievement was improving the site’s loading speed, which was reduced to under 2 seconds, enhancing the user experience and contributing to better SEO performance.

The core of our SEO efforts was to secure high rankings for a wide range of keywords related to epoxy resin training in the UK. Previously, the website ranked between 4th and 10th for these keywords. In an impressively short span of 3 to 6 months, we managed to secure the top position for nearly all relevant search queries. This dramatic improvement resulted in increased website visits from users with a higher level of intent, ultimately translating into more class bookings.

Our commitment to enhancing SEO extended to the development of new pages focused on training, further optimisation of keywords related to their products, and a remarkable increase in their domain authority from 14 to 34. These outstanding results were achieved through a combination of meticulous technical optimisation, content improvements, and strategic link-building efforts.

Throughout our partnership with Xtreme Polishing Systems UK & Europe, we continued to expand our support, including the creation of microsites and additional SEO-related initiatives. This ongoing collaboration has solidified a strong and successful relationship with our valued client.

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